chi siamoeKeep® is the innovative line of orthotics designed by Dual Sanitaly, a company with 70 years experience in the field of orthopaedics and the healthcare and wellness sector.

Distributor of the established Dr. Gibaud brand, Dual Sanitaly is renowned for the quality of its products, acknowledged for decades by consumers, distributors and specialists in the field alike.
Thanks to the firm network established and to the expertise gained throughout years of experience, Dual Sanitaly has embarked on a pioneering activity of constant technical and scientific information relating to the use of orthotic therapy. This activity has led to the honour of being selected to join a team of specialists as partner of excellence in the textile, industrial and commercial development of the eKeep® line.



The name itself – eKeep® is the most distinctive sign of its creation. A brand founded on the close collaboration of a team of specialists – équipe – with a mission to protect and preserve – to keep – a key part of the body: the joints.
The story commenced with a working group comprising specialists in the fields of orthopaedics and sports medicine, biomechanical and textile engineers, experts in scientific production and marketing, each of whom provided a key contribution based on their specific expertise to the development of the initial prototypes of the eKeep® line.
The aim of the group was to develop an innovative range of products capable of filling a gap on the orthotics market by creating an orthopaedic product designed to protect and support the joints without obliging the user to forego a normal, active life.


eKeep® boasts an all-Italian production cycle: design, materials, production and packaging are 100% Made in Italy.

The sartorial expertise embedded in the history of Dual Sanitaly, involved in the artisan production of elastic girdles, kneepads and ankle supports since 1949, naturally extends to the care taken in creating the eKeep® products, where each garment is cut and stitched by skilled personnel.

Each product is produced with a fine attention to detail and monitored throughout all stages to afford an outcome that meets the highest quality standards.

All these features designate the eKeep® brand as the perfect synthesis of the orthopaedic competence and quality of textile and industrial production in our country.
All eKeep® products are manufactured in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.



Frequently, innovation is underpinned by challenges dictated by a need to solve problems linked to specific requirements: this is indeed the case in development of the eKeep® brand technology, designed to meet the requirements of effectiveness, comfort and appeal.

On the one hand the sporting world has provided a fertile ground to refer to in the choice of raw materials and fabrics aimed at promoting comfort, wearability, transpiration and lightness.
On the other, our experience in the field of orthopaedics has afforded the medical and scientific expertise to enable us to develop products with a high degree of biomechanical efficiency.
The end product is an innovative technology enclosed in a range of comfortable products that are widely accepted by the user.


All eKeep® products are created using technical fabrics traditionally employed in the manufacture of sports garments.

The application of modern textile expertise and highly advanced technologies compared to those habitually used in the field of orthopaedics, in which traditional fabrics still prevail, has enabled us to promote an improved transpiration and lightness compared to the past, whilst at the same time designing a modern and appealing look. With the new eKeep® line orthotics is no longer reminiscent of illness, but affords aesthetically appealing and comfortable products.


The technical fabrics acquired from the sporting world have opened up new potential uses that are lacking in other fabrics.

The possibility of adopting unfinished edges and combining several types of fabric has enabled us to create specific modular areas of compression according to the force applied to the affected joint.